Meet the Docs

At Kids Teeth, our experienced, highly trained staff constantly strives to provide an energetic, fun-loving environment. We love children, and our whole team has the knowledge and understanding needed to provide your family with child-friendly dental care in Mt Pleasant. We’re also incredibly fortunate to have two amazing doctors heading up our pediatric dental practices: Dr. Will and Dr. Mike. Take a moment to learn more about each doctor below:


Dr. Will is board-certified by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. He received his undergraduate degree from Wofford College in 1998. He then attended the Medical University of South Carolina, where he earned his DMD in 2002 and completed a Pediatric Residency in 2004.


Dr. Mike is a board-certified pediatric dentist. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Carolina in 1997 and a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2002.


His official name is James Turlington Rawls MD, but often goes by “Dr. Jimmy!” He is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist (certified by the American Society of Anesthesiologists) and originally from New Bern, NC. Dr. Jimmy attended Wofford College in Spartanburg and graduated in 1987.

JOHNNIE DODDS: 843.884.7041
PARK WEST: 843.216.5879

The Kids Teeth Team

Meet the staff of Kids Teeth, a Mount Pleasant pediatric dental practice with locations on Johnnie Dodds and at Park West. We’ll see you soon!

Belinda Wierschem


With over 30 years of experience, Belinda makes our office run like a fine-tuned machine! She appreciates the honesty of the children and enjoys making dentistry fun for kids (and the staff). She has a love for reading, travel, and any activity on the water. She is also passionate about volunteering, her three dogs, the Dallas Cowboys, and Clemson football. She knows every office story, all the Kids Teeth history, and her dental knowledge is unsurpassed. We’re not sure how she does it all, but she does it with a smile always on her face!

Brooke Haas


Brooke is originally from Wisconsin and enjoys running on the beach and reading books. Her passion for dentistry extends beyond just children’s teeth, as her golden retriever has the whitest teeth we’ve ever seen! She loves working with kids and the silly things they say; she says it’s usually a “free pass” to act a little silly with them.

Cherie Work


Cheri is extremely crafty and has many “secret” talents like baking elaborate cakes, sewing, and making treats. She also has her own one-woman puppet show that travels to over 50 local daycares and schools during Children’s Dental Health Month. She is an avid Ohio State Buckeyes fan and is always practicing her best Chewbacca impression. She loves being a Hygienist because her days are never boring!

Crystal Troll


Crystal loves being a hygienist because she never knows what the day is going to hold. She enjoys watching the children transition from nervousness to calm in the short time it takes to clean their teeth. She’s originally from Kahoka, Missouri, and has been in the area for five years. She grew up watching the cartoon Doug, is a Cowboys football fan, and can hold the “perfect plank” for several minutes! In her spare time she travels, reads, and visits the beach with her friends.

Debbie Gaskins


Debbie is a Carolina Gamecocks fan and likes reading and crafting in her spare time. She was born in California but has lived in the area for over 38 years. As our Treatment Coordinator, she enjoys connecting with patients and parents while providing education. On a daily basis, she meets with parents and helps them understand the suggested treatment plan, insurance coverage, and related treatment questions.

Gladyxa Divine


Gladyxa, or “G,” is originally from Puerto Rico but has been in Charleston since age 5. She enjoys reading, photography, and spending time outside with her husband and their dog, Lola. She loves working with families and enjoys seeing her patients grow up over the years. Gladyxa has over 12 years of clinical dental experience. As our Treatment Coordinator, she meets with parents and helps them understand the suggested treatment plan, insurance coverage, and related questions.

Holly LeeAnne Beebe


Holly is a Charleston native and enjoys cheering for all South Carolina teams! She graduated from TTU Expanded Dental Duty Assisting Program back in 2013 and joined the Kids Teeth team in 2017. Holly finds working with children very rewarding and loves that kids are always so honest. In her free time she enjoys live concerts, shopping, crafting, fishing and spending time with her family. Her name is also very unique; if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that she has four sets of double letters in her full name.

Janie Morris


Janie came to the Lowcountry in the early 2000s from California. In her spare time she enjoys walking/running with friends, reading, and going to the beach. She is an avid supporter of the American Lung Association and the Special Olympics, and you can often find her cheering for the College of Charleston volleyball team or any San Francisco team. She adores the honesty and innocence of children that she encounters daily at Kids Teeth.

Jennifer Barnett


Jennifer is a true Charlestonian, born and raised right here in the Lowcountry. As a Business Assistant, she is one of the first people you encounter when you visit our office. She enjoys boating, visiting the beach, hiking, and just being outdoors. She also loves cooking, the Carolina Gamecocks, and is an excellent sketch artist. Jennifer finds working with children incredibly rewarding and loves their energy, honesty, and creativity.

Kaye Heatley


Kaye was born and raised in the Charleston area and is an avid Clemson fan. She loves tailgating, boating, dancing, fishing, and spending time with her grandbaby. As a Hygienist, she enjoys making children comfortable at the dentist and influencing their dental health habits in a positive way. She often chaperones church youth trips and youth council in her spare time.

Kimberly Martyn


Kim is from New Jersey and moved to the area about three years ago. Her hobbies include crafting and anything that involves working with her hands. She also has a secret singing talent, so don’t be surprised if you hear her singing along to the tunes in the office while you’re in her chair. She enjoys her job because kids have fun personalities and they always provide an exciting office environment.

Miranda Daniels


Miranda is a Charleston native and enjoys being on the water. You’ll often find her boating, fishing, or hanging out at the beach. She grew up in the dental environment and always wanted to follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a dental hygienist herself. She chose pediatric dentistry because kids make her laugh and there’s never a dull moment at the office. Being involved with the community is also a priority for her; she volunteers her time at Camp Rise Above, donates to ECCO and assists with the Kids Teeth puppet show.

Nicole Buckheister


Nicole is originally from Greenville, SC and has lived in the area since she was a young child. Upon graduation from hygiene school, she immediately began working in pediatrics. She loves working with kids because they bring her a new challenge everyday and each day is always new and different. When she’s not cleaning teeth, she enjoys boating, going to the beach and reading. Spending time with her family, friends and pets is also a top priority for Nicole.

Patti Leighton


Patti has been a part of the Kids Teeth team for over 19 years. As the Financial Coordinator she works with insurance companies to maximize your benefits and can answer any financial question. In her spare time she gardens, cooks, and does yoga. She is a very talented painter and makes the best homemade sugar cookies. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and dogs.

Sam Walton


Sam was born in Louisville, Kentucky, but lived most her life in Alabama, making her a through-and-through Bama fan; roll tide! It wasn’t until she married that she moved to the area. You will often find her out and about in the Lowcountry playing tennis, doing crossfit, or reading. As a Dental Assistant, she enjoys teaching children about dentistry and she says they in turn teach her how to be more lighthearted and pure. Sam also volunteers her time regularly at Kids Teeth events like the Hootie Homegrown Roundup and our annual park days.

Stephanie Scott


Stephanie was born and raised in South Carolina and loves gardening, plants, and yard work. She also has a passion for photographing her children and any good DIY project. She once vinyl-sided a shed in her backyard by herself! She volunteers at her church’s children’s program and admires all kids’ honesty, resilience, and endless energy!

Susan Harvey


Susan is a true Charleston native and enjoys all the area has to offer, including paddle boarding, tennis, and bike riding. While she’s not enjoying the outdoors, she’s usually crafting or sewing. She is also a proud grandparent of three grandchildren, and working with children brings a smile to her face every day. As a Hygienist, she believes she has an opportunity to create a wonderful experience for each child (as she does). She is also an expert balloon artist, so don’t forget to ask her for one before you leave!

Susie Schramm


Susie is one of the smiling faces in the front office that schedules your appointment and welcomes our little patients when they walk through the door. She enjoys spending time with her three children and is an avid scuba diver. In her spare time she volunteers at numerous charitable organizations: Susan G. Komen, Rockers 4 Knockers, Ethen Richardson Foundation, Light the Night, and Wounded Warriors.

Teasie Witte


Teasie is one of the original Kids Teeth team members and has been a part of our organization for over 30 years! Her hobbies include reading, walking, sewing, and watching her grandbabies. She is an excellent chef and a Gamecocks football fan. She grew up watching Mickey Mouse and currently volunteers her time at St. Andrews Auglican Church and the Veterans Victory House in Walterboro.

Tiffany Warzynski


Tiffany was born and raised in Orrville, Ohio—the home of Smucker’s Jelly. Since moving to South Carolina in 2007 she’s married and had two adorable children (that you will often see in the Kids Teeth marketing materials)! She loves playing tennis, visiting every park in the surrounding area, and spending time with her family. At Kids Teeth she handles all things marketing including the website, theme weeks, contests, public relations, and social media.

Tina King


Tina is originally from Georgia and moved to South Carolina in 2007. Her hobbies include running, reading, being on the water and spending time with family. She also cheers for the Georgia Bulldogs each football season. As a Business Assistant at Kids Teeth she schedules appointments, answers patient phone calls, and helps keep the office running on time.