Kids Teeth Calendar Contest

2019 Calendar Contest Winners Announced!

We are extremely excited to announce the 2019 Kids Teeth Calendar Contest winners but first we want to take a moment to thank everyone for submitting their children’s artwork for our contest this year.  Every entry was FANTASTIC.  It gets more and more difficult to choose winners each year.
This years winners were selected based on our contest criteria – landscape orientation, dental visit related, and displayed lots of fun colors and details.  We reviewed hundreds of entries and are excited to share the list of the winning artists that will be featured in our 2019 calendar.
Cover Artist – Cayden Pusser, age 11
January Artist – Grace Murphy, age 9
February Artist – Ripley Swisher, age 7
March Artist – Charlotte West, age 9
April Artist – Kendle Walters, age 6
May Artist – Robert Forte, age 9
June Artist – Penley Pressley, age 8
July Artist – Juna Smith, age 5
August Artist – Alice Geer, age 8
September Artist – Grant Radford, age 6
October Artist – Maris Jones, age 12
November Artist – Harriet Kelley, age 8
December Artist – Mary Elizabeth Moye, age 12
Back Cover Artist – Elizabeth Kelley, age 11
Honorable Mention Winners:
Their artwork will be featured in the back of the calendar
Hayes Pressley, age 6
Sylvie Davinroy, age 8
Lyles Buorton, age 11
Owen Zeroski, age 11
Kylie Mazza, age 8
Olivia Keen, age 13
Lucus Vargas, age 9
Alex Wingo, age 5
Each artist mentioned above will be the first to receive copies of the calendar to share with the whole family as well as a framed copy of their original artwork. The calendars will be available for pick up on Monday, December 17th at both office locations. They are free and available to patients and their families at both Kids Teeth locations. Check out our Facebook page for updates on their arrival.
Various contest artwork will be displayed in our offices in January and on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Feel free to stop by and view it anytime. Congratulations again to all our winners and thank you again to all of our participants.