Be A Dentist Day at Kids Teeth – Map Answers

On Saturday, April 27th we invited children ages 7-12 to join us to “be a dentist” for a day at Kids Teeth.  Children had the opportunity to experience the following four stations outlined on a treasure map:

  • Camera Station
  • Hygiene Station
  • Filling Station
  • Impression Station

The treasure map featured important questions related to the dental tasks they performed at each station.  Below you’ll find the answers to all the questions giving you (the parent) an opportunity to discuss what your child learned today!

Be a Dentist Day at Kids Teeth

Be A Dentist Day Map

Station 1 – Camera:

Be A Dentist Day at Kids TeethAt the camera station, kids reviewed the anatomy of their teeth and were shown pictures of x-rays and pictures of teeth taken with our intraoral camera. We want to know what is the difference between an X-ray and a picture of your teeth?

Answer – Think of an X-ray like X-ray vision; you can see inside of your teeth. They show cavities where the doctors can’t see as well as developing permanent teeth.  Intraoral pictures or “pictures” of your teeth show the same thing you can see with your eye but magnified making it easy to identify stains, cracks, or cavities on the surface of your teeth.

Station 2 – Hygiene:

Be A Dentist Day at Kids TeethAt the hygiene station, kids were asked to perform a dental cleaning on Dudley the Dino using the polisher, mirror, and floss. We want to know what does the hygienist remove with the polisher?

Answer – plaque

Plaque is a soft sticky film that builds up on your teeth that can be removed with brushing and regular dental visits.

Station 3 – Filling Station:

Be A Dentist Day at Kids TeethAt the filling station, kids were able to use real dental tools to remove a cavity and replace it with a filling.  We want to know why do we fix cavities?

Answer – We fix cavities (even in baby teeth) to avoid infection and discomfort.

Not filling cavities in a timely matter face bigger dental issues down the road. Depending on the age of the child, the tooth could remain in the mouth for several years before they lose it on their own. That means the cavity will grow and eventually cause severe pain and discomfort. There is also a risk for infection throughout the body.

Station 4 – Impression Station:

Be A Dentist Day at Kids TeethAt the impression station, kids learned about the importance of mouthguards and how to make an impression of teeth.  We want to know what are impressions used for in dentistry?

Answer – Impressions are used for making mouthguards, night guards, bleach trays, and orthodontic appliances (retainers and expanders).

Making impressions of teeth allow dentists to design the items listed above to the exact specifications of a growing child’s mouth.

We hope everyone had a fantastic time at our 1st Annual Be A Dentist Day.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see more pictures from today’s event! Don’t forget to tag yourself in our photo album on Facebook or upload a photo using #kidsteethsc and #beadentistday for your chance to win a child’s Sonicare toothbrush!