Kids Teeth Fractured Tooth

Emergency Dental Care – My child has a fractured tooth; what should I do?

It’s important to note that we do more than just routine cleanings and x-rays at Kids Teeth; we also ALWAYS have a dentist on call to handle dental emergencies.  We know what you’re thinking, “I’m never going to need a dentist in an emergency, I’ll just let our pediatrician take a look.”  But did you know that pediatric dentists are specially trained in advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures, management of oral/facial trauma, growth and development, as well as conscious sedation and general anesthesia?  These skills are part of their pediatric residency, an additional two-year program that they complete after dental school.

Dental emergencies are very common and if handled properly the tooth can often be restored.  But what is a dental emergency? In the upcoming months we will outline a few emergency scenarios and help you understand what is considered a true emergency.  Keep in mind that in most cases, your response time is extremely important.

Help, my child fell and his tooth is broken! What should I do?

Kids Teeth Fractured Tooth

Fractured teeth before

Our patient fell off his scouter onto the pavement and significantly broke (or fractured) his permanent front teeth causing instant sensitivity.  After examining the teeth and locating the tooth fragments his mother called us.

Upon arriving, Dr. Mike did an exam and took x-rays to evaluate the fractured teeth looking for potential damage to the pulp, nerve, and surrounding area of the teeth.  He administered nitrous to calm the patient and applied a topical anesthetic around the tissue.  He proceeded to bond the fragments back to the permanent teeth leaving the patient “good as new.”

Fractured teeth after

We plan to see the patient again in 6-8 weeks to re-examine.  At that time, another x-ray will be taken to allow the doctor to look at the roots of the teeth, check sensitivity and bone around the teeth ensuring that everything is healing properly and appears healthy.  After follow up protocol is complete, we will resume routine care and continue to watch the teeth over time.

As you can see from the after photos, it’s hard to tell that he ever fell off his scouter.  With a quick response and prompt evaluation, we were able to save his smile.  Remember, Kids Teeth is here to help when you need us so don’t hesitate to call in a dental emergency. You never know, your child’s smile may depend on it.