Kids Teeth Mask Tips

Mask Tips From The Pediatric Dental Professionals at Kids Teeth

Are you wearing your mask correctly?

With COVID-19 numbers on the rise in South Carolina and a new Town of Mount Pleasant ordinance recommending wearing masks in public, we are seeing more and more people wearing face masks around town. While this is exciting to see people participating, there are often cases of mask misuse.

As pediatric dental professionals at Kids Teeth in Mount Pleasant, SC, we have worn masks everyday for years and would like to share a few basic tips to help you wear your mask properly. Check out our video packed with simple tips for putting on and removing your mask.

Kids Teeth Mask Video

Masks are to prevent the transmission of viruses to AND from the wearer.

Don’t forget, every germ that you touched since washing your hands is now on your mask…. and the germs from your mouth are on your hands. Follow these tips to prevent the spread of germs and help flatten the curve.

Mask Wearing Do’s:
  • Make sure the mask is fit snugly to your face. Kids Teeth Proper Mask Fit
  • If your mask has pleats make sure that they are facing downward.
  • If your mask has a metal strip along one edge, it’s to mold across the bridge of your nose, not to cup your chin. Pinch the nose piece to help with perfect fit for your mask.
  • Cover your mouth, nose and chin.
  • Remove your mask by the ear loops. Try not to touch the inside or outside of the mask.
Mask Wearing Don’ts:
  • Wear it as an earring by letting it dangle from your ear. The exposed side could swing back and hit you in the face. 
  • Pull the mask down under your chin. Kids Teeth Wrong Way to Wear A Mask
  • Constantly touch the outside of your mask. 
  • Wear a poor fitting/loose mask. It’s just as bad at not wearing one because you will end up adjusting it every 30 seconds. 
Taking care of your mask before and after wearing:

When you’re carrying around your clean mask you can place it in a ziplock baggie until you need it. Use the same ziplock baggie to carry the mask back home after wearing it out and about and throw it in the washer when you get home (if it’s a reusable mask). 

Stay safe and healthy!!