Plaque Disclosing Tablets

My child’s permanent teeth are coming in yellow…

Should I be concerned?

Throughout the day we often hear parents mentioning that their child’s permanent teeth appear more yellow than the their baby teeth. We are very quick to reassure parents that permanent teeth do tend to appear more yellow than baby teeth for multiple reasons.

Baby Teeth Enamel:

Layers of the toothWhen children still have primary (baby) teeth present in the mouth and they are positioned right next to a permanent tooth it will appear more yellow.  This is because the enamel of a permanent tooth is a little more clear; therefore, it shows the second layer of the tooth (dentin) more clearly. Dentin is yellow in color so it gives the permanent teeth their yellow appearance. Once your child loses the baby teeth next to the permanent teeth the yellow coloring will not be quite as noticeable.

Plaque Accumulation:

Another cause of a yellow tint is plaque accumulation. This is when plaque is left to sit on the teeth and becomes thick. To avoid this at a young age, we recommend assisting children with brushing (at least at night) until the age of 10 and flossing at least once a day.

How To Avoid Plaque Accumulation:

A great way for children to see if they are brushing along the gumline properly is to use disclosing tabs at home.  These pink tablets are available at our office at no charge and show your child the exact areas they are missing by dying them pink.plaque disclosing tablet

  1. Brush
  2. Cut tablet in half
  3. Chew tablet
  4. Brush the red spots – these are the areas they are missing with their normal brushing

For more information watch our video on how to use disclosing tablets at home.

Cause for Concern?

There is no need to worry about yellowing of the teeth until your child is much older and has lost all baby teeth. As discussed above, it is very common for baby teeth to appear more yellow when situated next to permanent teeth.

Give us a call if you’d like to discuss this issue during your child’s next dental appointment – schedule now.