plaque disclosing tablet

What is a plaque disclosing tablet and how do I use it at home?

A plaque disclosing tablet helps to identify areas of your child’s teeth that they’ve missed after completing their oral care routine. They contain a harmless dye that reacts with the plaque that may remain on areas of the teeth after cleaning. When you see the dyed areas, you and your child can easily identify trouble spots to focus their brushing efforts. Use this as a tool to help your child learn where they are missing and show them how to improve their brushing skills long term.

How to use plaque disclosing tablets at home:

Additional tips:

  • Have your child brush unassisted
  • Break tablet into quarters or halves
  • Chew the tablet, swish, and spit
  • Tablet paints the plaque red
  • Brush and floss the red surfaces (assisted if needed)

If you’d like to use this as a learning tool in your home, stop by either Kids Teeth location to pick up tablets to use at home.  We are also happy to teach you and your child how to use them at your next dental visit. Give us a call to schedule their next appointment or fill out our online appointment request.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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