Kids Teeth Bingo

Play Bingo with Kids Teeth

Kids Teeth Bingo We are missing our patients and their families so much right now and we hope you are doing well, staying positive, and staying safe. We are all in this together and hope we can help you have a little fun during this time of uncertainty. FUN just might be our favorite word at the office so we wanted to find an exciting way to continue to interact with all of our patients while we can’t see you at our office.

How about a round of BINGO?!
  1. To play complete an activity in one of the squares – mark it, date it, post it (if possible)
  2. Complete a full row or column of activities to be registered to win takeout for your whole family from your favorite restaurant ($50 limit)
  3. Complete the whole card of activities to be registered to win a year subscription of Disney+ or Netflix (you choose) for your whole family and a takeout dinner from your favorite restaurant ($50 restaurant limit)
  4. We’ll have to go by the honor system…so take a picture of your card when finished and post to the Kids Teeth Facebook page

Entries will be accepted Monday, March 30th through Thursday, April 30th. All winners will be announced on Friday May 1st! All family members are welcome to play separately or together – it’s your choice.

We’ll be posting links to help with the activities listed to our Facebook page and our staff members will be playing along when possible.

Get your BINGO card now!