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We love Dr. Will!
We love Dr Will! He is so engaging with the kids and it’s obvious he truly loves what he does…and I love that my boys are growing up with good experiences and perceptions of going to the dentist!!
DANIELLE, patient mom
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My daughter loves Kids Teeth
My daughter LOVES Kid’s Teeth because the dentist sometimes gets the alphabet wrong when he’s counting her teeth and she gets to teach him!!!
KIMBERLY, patient mom
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Relaxed and at ease
When Jason started going to see you, he was terrified and needed a special room, just for him. Thanks to your amazing patience and excellent care, he now feels relaxed and at ease when going to the dentist. Thank you!
MARI, patient mom
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We are thankful for the cheerful, warm and upbeat staff, and the super friendly and trustworthy dentists (Dr Will and Dr Mike)! We love Kids Teeth!
SHANNON, patient mom
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Upbeat attitude
I love the child-centered approach and the friendly, upbeat attitude that every employee shows each and every visit! We Love Kids Teeth!
JESSICA, patient mom
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He loves the playroom and I love the great staff
I love that my son is excited go to the dentist and has such positive experiences at Kids Teeth that he takes care brushing so Dr. Mike will give him a good report! He loves the playroom and I love the great staff!
SHELLY, patient mom
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Asks to go to the dentist weekly
Beatrice loves Dr. Mike and all of the Kids Teeth staff… she asks to go to the dentist weekly. She especially loves “helping” when her sisters have dental cleanings and cleaning her dog’s teeth to practice. Your great care has inspired her to want to be a dentist.
DEE, patient mom
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I’ve been seeing you guys since I was six.
I LOVE kids teeth. I love the fact that you guys have been able to see me grow up. I’ve been seeing you guys since I was six. I’m 21 now and I refuse to go anywhere else. I love seeing everyone I have met over the years and catching up on life. I will never stop going to kids teeth, even when I have kids of my own and they will go there too.
KELSIE, patient
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I’ve been coming here for 30+ years
I’ve been coming here for 30+ years and now I have the privilege of bringing my three children with me. I love everything about the office, dentist, hygienists and would recommend Kids Teeth to anyone.
CHRISTINA, patient
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Friendly, helpful and informative
We were new today! The staff was very friendly and helpful. The Dentist was easy to talk to and very informative in his explanation of what we needed to do to get my son’s toothache fixed. He took his time talking to me—which is very rare these days!!
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Very friendly first visit to the dentist for my 4 year old!
Can’t say enough great things about my little girl’s first trip to the dentist! Brooke and Dr. Mike both were so wonderful and very informative. The whole staff was very friendly and made my 4 year old at ease. Than you all so much!
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Great friendly staff and doctors
We have been coming to Kids Teeth since the kids were babies and they are entering the teenage years. Hope we can stay ongoing!
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Tooth extraction
Fast, painless, and treated us great! I love this practice and staff. Outstanding service.
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Professional and friendly
My 7 year old had a procedure done and she was put at ease by a video she was watching during the procedure. Dr. Will and the staff were professional and friendly. Dr. Will entertains the children and parents, alike, but also educates.
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Fun dentist
Great staff! My 4-year-old daughter enjoys going to the dentist and loves the prizes at the end. Highly recommend Kids Teeth.
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Terrific care for the span of childhood to young adult
Excellent, patient, attentive care. Gentle, pleasant and equally comfortable interacting with 4 year old having first x-ray as discussing wisdom teeth removal with a young adult with mild autism. We love it here!
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Excellent service and care
I love it that no matter the age group this pediatric dentist office gives excellent care to my child. From her first dental visit to today’s at 15 years old, we have had excellent service and care.
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So enthusiastic and friendly
The staff takes such good care of the kids—so enthusiastic and friendly. They make it seem like going to the dentist is an adventure. My son was actually asking when we could go see the dentist again. 🙂
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Super friendly
Everyone we interacted with (front desk, hygienist, and dentist) was knowledgeable, super friendly, and great with kids. My daughter loved all the toys and the climbing structure in the waiting room, too.
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