Kids Teeth Dental Emergency

What to do in a Dental Emergency

There comes a time when we all have to learn how to walk.  This is often accompanied by several falls which often hurt more than just our pride.  Fortunately baby teeth are very resilient to mild trauma; much more than permanent teeth.  If your child has had some form of trauma to the head, first check for any life threatening injuries then continue to follow the steps below to determine if your child is experiencing a dental emergency.

First, examine your child’s gums and lips for any cuts. Most injuries inside the mouth do not require sutures, and the soft tissues in this area heal remarkably fast.

Second, inspect the teeth for any changes in position, signs of mobility, chipping, or bleeding from within the tooth. If a fragment of the tooth has been knocked off, save it in milk or in saline solution to help with the overall success of repairing the tooth. Call us as soon as possible to discuss the level of sensitivity in the area and the size of the fragment lost.

It’s important to note that if a baby tooth is knocked completely out of the mouth, the best treatment for your child is NOT to put the tooth back in. However, permanent teeth can reattach to the jaws if quickly rinsed clean and replanted.  Call our office immediately to evaluate the damage of the knocked out tooth.

Our dentists are on call for emergency situations, but please examine your child following the steps above before you call.  If you believe it’s a true dental emergency dial our office number, 843-216-5879, and press ‘3’ to reach the doctor on call.  Obviously if there are any concerns following any trauma, call our office, we are happy to help!